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The best way to get information about building, sailing and racing radio-controlled model yachts is to talk to experienced skippers. We recommend that anyone wanting to get involved with our sport comes to the lakeside and talks to us before investing time and money in building or buying a boat. The information below is not intended to replace this essential step but will help more experienced skippers find information that will be useful to them.

Setting up your boat

Boats are identified by their individual sail numbers and it is important that these are applied correctly to the sails. Guidance on the rules covering the size and placement of the Class insignia and the numbers can be found here

Sailing and Racing

Racing is governed by the current version of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) supplemented where necessary by the MYA Standard Sailing Instructions (SSI).

Hard copies of the RRS can be obtained from bookshops, online or the Royal Yachting Association. An online version of the RRS is available here

John Male has produced a digest of the rules that skippers really need to know. Click here to view these.

NEW – Peter Sutton has written a guide to RRS – here

The current version of the MYA SSI can be found here

One of the important duties of all skippers is to act as observer during racing. The MYA has produced guidance notes to help skippers carry out this task and the document can be found in the MYA Handbook and also here

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