Not quite as muddy, not quite as cold, not quite as sunny, not quite as windy, and not quite the same direction. Otherwise, business as usual for the 12 skippers down at the lake today.

The wind was just southerly enough to be coming round the trees at the west end of lake – big header out at #2 and wind shadow inshore of outer blue. All makes planning your course even more critical.

We could manage a 7/6, 3,2,7,3,2,7,blues course, reducing to 7/6,3,2,5,3,2,5,blues, with some catch-up races of one lap.

It began to look like a lockout by 78 and 79, but 00 (2) and 181 (1) tried hard to breakup the party. But bad results abounded – sometimes to count as discards, sometime more than 2. Phil started well but had rudder problems later on . John H won out with a countback needed to give JM the edge over Jim.

Not too many (un) interesting number patterns: race 6 – row 6 and 7 were 1st, 2nd; row 10, 11 were 3rd and 4th; row 8,9 were 5th and 6th , row 4, 5 were 7th and 8th

#62 got 31 points; #22= total-finishing position