An eventful first session of the new year!

It was good to have  Tony and Austin   joining a small. But very muddy, fleet  of 7 today.

Big news though was a slight (!) technical issue with boat 57: namely the front bit parted company with the back bit – in  the middle of the lake! See photo.  It sank very gracefully, but thankfully a couple of inches of mast and main was just visible. Thankyou to the kayaker from BLYM who enacted the rescue. Seriously though, with new technologies/ build techniques it is important to find the limits and capabilities as quickly as possible. It was a known ‘not so good’ glue that failed, not the  new  type recommended by 3M technical support. When in one piece the 3D printed design has sailed well in light medium and blustery conditions.

A tolerably good wind down the lake gave us 9  2 lap races, with Tony a clear winner.