A good B rig wind with C gusts did get stronger, with full white caps and C conditions for what was thankfully the last race. 2 forestay breakages, some in-the-reed rescues and sundry other retirements made for challenging racing and score keeping.

We started with 6/7,3,2,gate,3,2,gate, blues, shortened to one lap for race 6. Then A/5,3,2,5,3,2,5, blues and finally A/5,3,2,A,3,2,A,blues. Lots of whaas!!! and aaahhhss…..! on the downwind legs, and very bumpy upwind too. In the end a close results of 10,14,15,16 points – could have easily been different with a little luck or more bad luck by any of these 4.