Sunday sailing Results 27th january 2019

‘Another challenging mornings racing. Forecast was sort of right – we did require B rigs – but it was marginal to start with. The wind got up quite quickly, with horrible gusts – not so much very strong, but it seemed to form sorts of whirlpool eddies which had a habit of collecting a few boats in a mess: each boat fine on its course before hand – but then changes in wind direction seemed to unerringly force the boats together.

Anyway – a good long zig zag course was set – we didn’t have to change it once! A/B, 3,2,8,5,inner blue, 3,2,8,5, finish blues.

The gusty wind caused a few boat problems for John R and Trevor, although  John C couldn’t even start to race (sorry about the messy Race Officer sheet  – put JC down, completed observer schedule, crossed him out, added (late comer) Tom……). Good win for Trevor in one race – we all started to get worried that we had helped him to set the up Britpop too well.

The conditions were chilly (and of course windy) but bright – that is until the last race when the ice (sleet) came from the sky, not from across the lake. I think everyone was glad to pack up and go.

We did have a new skipper join today (well he is talking with Dick). He had been down before, but today came down (with his son ) with a DF65. Bit too windy today for it , but he is keen to come and sail and learn. Good news.

Back to boring southerly for J’s on Tuesday, OK’ish for IOM Friday and RM’s on Sunday.