The wind looked perfect on the lake – beyond the buoys that is. Inside the buoy ‘envelope’ almost completely flat. The wind did move round a little during the day but keeping offshore was worthwhile with a course of A/5,3,2,5,3,2,5,A/D – later becoming A/5/3,outer Blue,5,3,OB,5,A/D.

10 skippers gave it a go. Well 8 skippers tried and 2 succeeded!

A rudder servo failure (181) near the end of a race 7 put paid to good first position – but Keith became the worthy winner. I think his boat got excited because it seemed to disappear by itself to the end of the lake. Recovering 31 and 181 enlivened things a bit and we completed another race. Tom’s rescue boat a great asset. Thanks Tom.

78 lots of 1’s; 181 lots of 2’s.; 62 lots of 3’s.