Well, that was some session of racing! An optimistic start with B rigs soon became carnage with C’s.

In fact even before briefing John M had a mishap in the car park – damaging his on-boat-already C rig – no racing. Tom did get to the lake – but winch not working – no racing.

9 other skippers did make the start for the now familiar course of 7/8,3,2,7,3,2,7,blues. But as already indicated, it became true C rig (for those that had them). Keith and Hugh abandoned the racing. John C gamely tried to keep going having changed to C earliest. Phil, without a C, did try hard but had gear failure later on. As we were on a 1-off scheme, the fleet was rather diminished by the end (although race 9 was a flop – the weather front had passed and the C suites just flopped around on the water.

Trevor did extremely well with his first outing with a C suit – firsts in race 6 and 7 (note his C suit is #46 so results may show 22 or 46 – or indeed both!). Nevertheless, Richard won overall (but with only 1 win) and Oliver 2nd with 0 wins although 22, 42 and 96 both had 2 1s, with 62 also with 1 1 .

Thanks to Trevor ‘go-fast-in-the-wind’ Innes for the photos from Friday- that looks tame compared to today.

Top end A / B rigs seem to be the order for Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 1st March, which by the way is a Marblehead Interclub day. Not being an RM man, I know nothing – but l hope everything is ready for that.

Can anyone remember having so many consecutive (or indeed throughout a season) B/C rig days?