A bit head scratching before the briefing – it looked as though it would be difficult to set a course. But by 10 the wind had settled and a good course was possible: blues, 6 ,4, D, 6, 4,D, A/5 finish. We extended this blues,6,4,1,6,4,1, A/5 for several races before reverting to the shorter course again at the end. Good racing – offshore/inshore to taste – no real advantage. Weed was a problem though.

Several race winners and close final scores gives a measure of the racing. An early advantage for Oliver changed to a good finishing run for John H. Dick and Trevor are becoming consistently good performers and we will all have to work hard with no mistakes to do well here at the club.

A little fun with numbers – we had a 11,1,1,1,11,; a 1,1,1,11,1, a run of finishing 87,78; 42,21;31,24,(pity it wasn’t 42)