A bit of a mayhem morning. Is it ‘A’ (sometimes) or ‘B’ (sometimes) at setting up time? Some (foolishly) went for ‘A’ – and quickly wished they hadn’t. Changed later on. Now . when we call out ‘John’, was that a John C, or R or K, or H or H or even M?

Race officer sheet all nicely set up with names and observer schedule…… two Johns had boat problems… switched John (9) to race 1 to give a chance to fix… and move (yet another) John (79) to race 2. John(9) stayed to observe, John(97) stayed a little then went home. A skipper missed his turn (not a John!) …. changed to another race….. What else? Well, we had a number of boat borrowings, with a visitor as well. Hope that these results weren’t recorded. Whew.

I think, though that the results are correct!

Yes, it was another windy day, but course setting easy – 7/8, 3 ,2, gate, 3, 2, gate, blues. A or B rig, John (78) found his stride, but John (79, and just B), was always in contention. We managed 9 races, and yes I just remembered in time to allow for only one discard.


And by the way John (21) had a little visit to the willows – but was kindly recovered by a BLYM rescue boat