Indeed the wind was a tad more southerly and slightly less than Friday. A good ‘A’ rig strength but still westerly enough to set a reasonable triangular course of 7/6, 3,2,6,3,2,6,blues. This was reduced to a smaller triangle as the wind lessened later on.

An early pace setting by 78 was followed by a mid series surge from 87 with 181 coming to the fore later on. Today saw lots of ‘mistakes’ (hitting buoys mostly!) which proved costly so consistency paid off, with 22 improving – always in the top 5 today. Well done.

Numbers, numbers ….. only a few interesting patterns – a sequence of 1,2,3 (column) and 1,2,3,4 (row) for 87. 3 sequences (column) of 2,4,6 in 4,5,and 9. (and just spotted a row of 2,3,4

Note – we will have to take extra care with noting sail numbers now – we have 78, 87, 79, 97 – all too easy to see the correct number (upper, starboard) but call out loud in reverse, and of course to simply read the port side numerals through the sail! I’ll stick with 181 – works forwards, backwards and upside down – but then I suppose it would be under water!