Good to have Trevor back on the water after his other-side-of the world trip‘.

Another ‘not the best of winds’ day again. Some races had a goodish wind, others light and patchy at best. Nevertheless, we managed a triangular course, mostly A/D, 3,2,A,3,2, blues finish. After the first five races, and with time going by, we decided to do have some ‘all-on’ races and see how that went. In the end we completed another 4 which gave us 9 in total. Not too bad in the end.

12 skippers, 5 different race winners, some starting well and tailing off, others starting poorly and improving.

I note from the race calendar (looking, of course, after the event) that it was the Gordon Knight Trophy day. Oliver was the 2019 winner.

I gather that there was some further activity on the water after the racing – you will have to hear about that from others. But it looked like an array of vessels being tested, included foiling trimarans and a variety of rescue launches.

J’s Tuesday, IOMs, Friday, RMs Sunday – remember its the canal festival so get your parking passes from Richard.