9 skippers squelched their way to the lake this morning. 8 confident that it was a A rig, with one ‘forecast believer’ B rig. Well – for the first race it was top end A, followed by a borderline wind. Those that could then did a rapid change to B. Keith, John C and Tom didn’t or couldn’t change down but only Keith surviving. Remarkably well considering the challenging conditions. Only 2 skippers managed the full set of races without a DNF, a reflection of the day. As we were ‘all-on’ we only needed 8 races to allow 2 discards and we were all more than ready to squelch back to the car park.

John M kept up his recent good form and it could have been a different results if race 1 hadn’t favoured the A riggers so much. Still, its good to have the chance to use the B rigs – they do feel rather neglected in recent times.

Open sailing Tuesday and Marbleheads next Sunday.