A too light and variable wind to give decent racing, although lots of different skippers managed firsts (and lasts and middles). Once again westerly-ish with (boring) A/C, 2,3,5, finish blues with a few ‘2 lappers’

Well done to Graham for winning the day. . A more prompt start close to 10 am (good) , too much arging and barging at the buoys (bad). Boats must keep clear (at least a boat length) of each other – each boat must have room for a course change (intentional or otherwise) without contacting and adjacent boat. Yes, I know its difficult at 3 or 6 – just get into the habit of spreading out a bit more. Getting tangled up at the rounding for a sake of pinching to make the buoy is not worth it and spoils the racing. Better to see if you can navigate a clear path around and let others mees it up!

Good to see a new skipper (Darren?) with a DF65. He is an experienced RC plane and car user, but this was only the 4th outing in a boat. Our facility showed its worth again today – he (and his – car driver – friend) are wheelchair bound and it is so convenient to get to the lake and be close to the water for launch and recovery.