Sunday Sailing 8th October 2017

Another fine autumn day…. that is unless you are trying to set a course. Once again a wildly fluctuating sort of northerly wind made it difficult to set a good course – especially as we wanted to stay clear of buoys 3 and 4 which have the wires for the seagull spikes dangling underwater.
Our first simple course didn’t work, and so with another change in wind direction we set a zig-zag course (see top left of sheet), which was OK. However, there was enough weed around buoy 8 area to cause much annoyance.

After coffee, the wind had settled and we chose a shortish triangle, with 2 or 3 laps to give a decent race duration. You can see from the relatively high scores that racing was difficult – nevertheless there was close and exciting racing going on (and at least one exceptionally good [skill?luck?] port tack start by John M), with the top 4 within 3 points of each other.

We aim to have a maintenance day on Tuesday – mainly sorting out the gull spikes and buoy positions, but some jetty work too.


Sailing Results Sun 8 Oct 2017