Sunday Sailing 6th Jan 2019

A better day today with a moderately good west/north westerly, gaining a little as the morning progressed. We tried a 7/8 start, 3, 2, A, blues finish, changing to A/D, 4, B, 5, 1, 3, 8, 5, blues finish. We added a couple of extra legs for the last two races. The wind was a bit variable (strength, direction) but we got a good range of beats, runs, reaches, (but not always in the right order). There was a little less weed today, but still enough to be annoying.

A new learning today – when there is a dead heat between say 2 boats for 1st, then rather than awarding both 1 point, with the third boat getting 3 points, each of the boats is awarded the average of the ‘filled’ places, that is (1+2)/2 = 1.5. (or if equal 6th, then (6+7)/2 = 6.5). Mind you, I can only remember a handful of tied places in all the years I have been on the lake.