Sunday Sailing 30th Sept 2018

The last day of the summer J series gave us a reasonable westerly wind, increasing a little during the morning, but fading at the end.
A conservative course of A/D, outer blue, inner blue, 5, blues finish was rather quick, so we tried extending it to 7. Still quite short as the wind got up a little.

The last few races were A/D, outer blue, 1, 5, outer blue, 1, 5, blues finish. (oh – and lots of coffee breaks and giving spectators a try at sailing). Thanks to John R for observing (and whizzing around the course with his IOM as a teasing taster for the new racing year.)

Richard had brought his J class B suit – quite speedy but chose not to compete officially.

So that’s it folks – new racing year about to start.

We will be resetting the buoys on Tuesday – #’s 5 and 8 had mysteriously exchanged places, and other buoys need slight readjustments.