Oh no – not again! Clear sky, lovely wind during set up, nice course set at briefing…. begin countdown – wind starts to fade. But no, it wasn’t ‘again’. The wind remained good, if a little patchy – and indeed started to increase by the last race. There were even some gusts to make the runs exciting.

Phil set blues, 6, 4 (3 after a couple of races), inner blue, 6, 4(3), ib, A/5 finish. We decided to do ‘all on’ but in fact John M and John C who were down at the lake observed for us. Thank you.

Anyway – 9 skippers had a brisk mornings racing which, despite the actual scores, gave some close racing. Mistakes are becoming costly with increased competition. Trevor kept the commodore on his toes; the red boats took all the firsts. Congratulations to Brian who, with a slight tweak to the main twist, won the last race in convincing fashion. Cold weather. Hot competition.