17 skippers on a Sunday well back to the old days’ great. Oliver and J R when to study the lake and reported back, Top of `B` rig and plus a bit more, so `B` it was even the late comers had selected the same .

Course was easy, start 7/8 beat to no3 whatever to 2 nosedive your way to the gate then back to 3, 2, gate, finish 1/2, a lot of skippers could not handle the wind especially the gusts so some others changed down to `C` rig just as the wind started to behave, stay with it or change back, a number of collisions saw some damage to sails and the use of the pole and big boat rescue work keep most of the fleet sailing .

Next week.
Tuesday J’s friendly sailing now there’s 11 boats in the club best so far 9

Wednesday anything that floats, help to get it going faster.

Sunday is Marblehead serious racing, a number of you have offered to assist.

Peter P