Tantarra, tantara……. Congratulations to John Carter for winning the days session.

I know we all follow and believe the weather forecasts, but 10 am Sunday the anticipated wind was noticeably absent. An early coffee was called for. A tiny, fickle breeze did develop and we tried some racing. But Ahhhhhhhhhh! Weed and lots of it rather spoilt these first few races. However, not only did the wind arrive, we spotted the culprit – a large bank of floating weed was gathering just off the jetty. Luckily, some good rake and pole work seemed to remove the lump and the rest of the race area was pretty free.

But congratulations to John C – serenely sailing from his seat on the jetty to a convincing win.

A suggestion that we bring J Class on Tuesday – partly because they feel neglected – but mostly because we introduced them to cope with the weedy conditions.