Oh yes it is! Oh no it isn’t! I thought the pantomime season was over, but not for us it wasn’t.

A second tranche of skippers arriving in the car park were merely putting on ‘A’ suits only to be told ‘ oh no its a B’. Some changed back in the car park, others kept on A but took B down to the lake. Those rushing to change in to B in the car park made it down to the lake…….. only to find that it was an A wind after all. Stick with it for a couple of races. Many skippers then made a quick change up to A. And guess what – the wind DID come. Perhaps only to borderline A/B. Oh well.

Not the easiest conditions for Phil to join the fleet and enjoy (yes we do, really) the racing.

Good to have Tony down at the lake – sailing serenely as usual. Unfortunately though, Keith’s winch drum disintegrated whilst setting up.

We did manage a reasonable course and 9 races even if the wind was somewhat erratic.