Sunday results 25th Nov 2018

The 9 skippers had two shocks today: a more of less steady easterly of low to mid ‘S’ suit range, and (thanks to John M) all the fun of using buoys 2 and 3 as a gate! (Well for the first races anyway).

We were able to set a long course of 1 / 2 start, 6, through the 2/3 gate, back to 6 and round again to finish A/5. Although slightly varying in direction, this gave a good long beat and a decision to be made – round 2 or 3. Going offshore round 3 was usually better, but not always, but we did change the course to a conventional triangle as the wind veered. There was some close tactical and strategic racing, with skippers having to decide to attack the boat ahead or defend from the boat behind. All good stuff.

Although coldish to start, it became a little brighter and warmer later on to give a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

A young boy (seemed about 7) and his father had a little sail at the end – the youngster took to it like a duck to water as they say! Quickly guiding the boat round the nearby buoys. Shame he usually played rugby on Sunday mornings!