The weather forecast was spot on for once – a fresh breeze from the west with some vicious gusts sending chairs and sail bags dancing along the shore and boats giving impressions of feeding geese with their bows nose down and rudders pointing skywards. It was not going to be an easy morning. Dick arrived at the car park with plenty of time to spare only to discover he had left his fin at home. Dick, being the intrepid person he is, hardly batted an eyelid jumped into his car and sped back at Hatfield arriving back at the lake an hour later. Phil arrived looking forward to sailing his new RM in a “bit of wind”. Unfortunately he had only one rig an A suit and a short walk down to the lake was enough to convince him that this was not the day to try it out. At least he realised that purchasing some smaller rigs would be advisable. At the lakeside things were also not going too well. John M discovered that he had failed to repair his C1 and C2 rigs after the rigour of the last season but managed, with the help of cord and scissors from

Trevor, to set up the smaller C2 sail. Trevor only had A and B rigs – his smaller rigs had bits missing! Tom and Keith also had nothing smaller than B rigs. The only person who came properly prepared was John C. Trevor decided to call it a day after race 3 and Keith’s mast snapped during race 4. He was lucky that the sail remained attached to the boat and we were able to drag if back to the bank. We managed the statutory 5 races and then decided to call it a day.

John M