5 skippers really enjoyed themselves at the lake this morning (going home afterwards that is!). The wind was north-east and north: the rain was straight in the face. But we persevered for 6 races.

A lightish north-easterly gave us a trial course of 2/1 start, 5, 2, 1, finish 5/A. Then a longer course to 7 instead, becoming 2 laps. The wind veered after the coffee break and we had a ‘Peter’ special: 2/inner blue, 4 to starboard, B to port, 5p, outer blue p, inner blue p (still with it?) and round again with finish 5/A .

Trevor is getting his boat finely tuned…. and going faster and faster!

A few bits of weed……. and lots of wet gear.

Ah well – that’s autumn for you.

AGM on Thursday

(Just the one small fleet sheet attachment)