Whilst it is good that the RYA and MYA have released new guidance for skippers in relation to holding competitive races, we here at 3RRYC have decided not to resume our competitive racing at the moment. The rules are quite rigorous and it is not worth the time, effort and potential risks compared to the short remainder of our current racing season.

The state of the various race series is as follows:

Friday IOM was put on hold after 24 of the planned 52 races. If we restarted now we would only run another 5 races, and not all skippers feel able (or are in a position) to participate. We will declare the Friday IOM series competitions closed.

Sunday IOM was put on hold after 16 of the planned 26 races, and the season finished anyway on June 28. We declare the Sunday IOM series closed.

Sunday Marbleheads completed 8 of 14 races, with the season finishing anyway on July 5th.

Sunday J class. We have not held any races – and in any event Bury Lake has been weed free enough for IOM and RM to sail more or less free of trouble.

Skippers have really enjoyed informal races for IOM and RM, lots of coffee breaks and watching Trevor try out some ‘interesting’(!) boats, and so we will just continue with these informal days until the end of our regular season – end of September. We hope that we can start the 2020 – 2021 season ‘on time’, but of course we will remain mindful of the prevailing Covid guidance.

On our regular days (Tuesdays 10 – 12), Fridays (now 10 – 12) and Sundays (10 -12) will continue as a ‘bring whatever boat you like’ days. Nearer the season end we will be able to decide on how to proceed into the autumn.