Well the horrendous blow forecast (see BBC weather image) didn’t quite  make it today. We were all looking forwards to a blast!

In fact as the 9 skippers (in B’s and C’s) gathered on the bank, we were all thinking ‘*** , should have put on the A rig.’

At least a decent course was possible: A/5, 3,2, gate, 3,2,gate , blues  finish. And by the end it was decidedly gusty. Or rather, small gusts of strong winds swirled around the race area, interspersed by near calm.

Racing was close at times, with John R’s new V10 settling in nicely, Dick put in a strong string of results, with Odd and Tom having some good races.

A bit a disaster at the end! Brian’s disappeared beneath the waves at buoy 2. I hope a rescue was possible – or maybe they are still trawling the lake!

As for Sunday – it ‘might’ be a good wind, but we never believe the forecast.

It seems we might be getting a new member – Phil, who was at the lake today. Seems to be an experienced sailor, and is hoping to be down on Sunday to
look at John C’s MX16.