Racing for IOM and RM classes takes place on Sunday mornings starting at 10:00 sharp, with no race starting after 12:30. Separate Sundays are allocated for the different classes; we do not sail mixed fleets for racing.

Friday racing is for the IOM class only and starts promptly at 10:30, includes a short break for lunch, and finishes at or just after 13:00. Many Skippers get together after racing on Friday in a local venue for coffee.

During the weed season on Sunday mornings, the IOM racing is replaced by J class as this latter deals effectively with weed in the water.

On Tuesday mornings an enthusiastic group of members meets at about 10:00 to hold informal racing for Nottingham J Class yachts. The Dragonflite DF95 yachts are also included in this, though as the fleet grows, no doubt it will also develop other racing days.

Wednesday mornings are currently reserved for boat tuning, new member instruction, and informal racing.

All racing is governed by the current version of ‘Racing Rules for Sailing’, supplemented by the MYA Standard Sailing Instructions where necessary. For each race, one or more skippers act as ‘Observers’ making sure that the rules are followed. This ensures fair and equal racing. See the ‘Things to Know’ section for further details

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