11 skippers and 3 race team assembled on a windless drizzly morning, the forecast read 2/3 north east rain all day.

At 10 am R/O peter called them on the lake with a short course heading across the lake, port around the first mark then beat, run, drift, down the lake to second port rounding inshore to 3rd port rounding, make your way to the finish . In total about 400 yds and 45 mins later, started race 2.

We managed 4 races from 10 am until 12.15. then broke for early lunch. I’d like to report it got better, but no, race 5 was the slowest yet right up to the beat to the finish when our prayers were answered wind from the north east.

Race 6 started and as the starter said gun the wind disappeared. after the finish skippers were looking at me from under soaking wet hats, coats soaked through and a small cheer went up when we said enough is enough pack up, prizes at 2pm.

Jim Alderton 3 rivers winner with 12 points, then came 16 points 17 points 18 points 2x 19 points all very close, and as always some runners up.

Please visit us again but bring your own wind.

Peter Popham