Hello Skippers,

The first round of the Met & Southern District Championship was run this weekend at Hampton Court with 5 Three Rivers members entered Tony, Stan, Jim, Terry and Austin the forecast was for wind and we sure got plenty of that. With the Hampton Ct lake being so open the morning started in number 2 suit a South Westerly wind which had the race officer Colin Trower set a zig zag course up to the first mark then a run down to the gate twice round then a long best up to the finish the whole lake was used so it was a massive course with plenty of decisions to be made in sailing tactics.

With an entry of 29 Colin ran 2 seading races to sort out who would be in ‘A’ fleet or ‘B’ fleet by this time the wind really got up with 30 MPH gusts on the weather vane nearly everybody but the brave dropped to 3 suit. Unfortunately Stan and Jim did not have the lowest suit and really paid the price as they were over powered by the high wind and gusts which resulted in them not doing too well but a big thumbs up to you two guys for sticking it out till the end bet you two will be phoning up CM Yachts for some masts and sails this week!
I exceeded all my expectations winning the event putting in some solid low scores including 3 wins against some classy skippers I must say I had the V8 trimmed well with boat speed very few could match, Terry was unfortunate he just could not make the top 4 on a number of occasions due to incidences on the water to get into ‘A’ fleet hopefully his new BritPop he has just took delivery of will help him in future events. Surprise of the event must go to Austin our newest skipper only ever sailed 4 times at our lake I talked him into entering a couple of days before the event and he sailed surprisingly well up and down the two fleets to finish in a very creditable position of 11th well done Austin!

Score sheet on the Hampton Ct web site here.


Race Officer.