An inauspicious start (dull, light airs) turned out to be a good days sailing. A dozen skippers experienced a decently steady wester-ish breeze giving us a couple of long windward legs. The course varied slightly during the session but was based around A/C start, 3,2, 7 or gate, a couple of twice rounders but mostly then to a blues finish.

With only 8 skippers at the 10 o’clock briefing (hint, hint) with Dick just in time for race start we started out ‘all-on’ and continued with this even with the last 3 yachts arriving for race 2. It made finishing and race management difficult. We must all get back into the routine off getting there in plenty of time to make it easy for the race/ observer schedule to be prepared. Of course that doesn’t help with sorting the results out …. 2 on 26 and 3 on 34 meant lots of countbacks – hope I got it right.

It was good to see Victor getting to grips with an IOM and enjoying sailing. Well don’t we all?