It was another of those days with plenty of wind, but not necessarily always in the right place, in the right direction, at the right strength and at the right time! Oh, and there was quite a lot weed – several boats stopping dead in water whilst in good positions. An A/B start (well a couple of skippers tried an A/C one instead), up to 2,1, 8, 2, 1 ,8, blues finish gave as good a course as possible, but not that good.

12 skippers today, although JC had to abandon racing after the first race. 5 different winners but Richard and David A were well clear of the rest, with the Commodore coming out top today. John R is getting to know his V10 and consistent results gave him 3rd overall ( a discard being a ‘stopped in the water’ race).

However the forecast howlers and rain stayed away until after we had all packed up.

Looks like Sunday will give the J class a good workout.