13 skippers (yes 13 today) looking slightly nervously at a placid lake at briefing – ‘oh no, another drifter..!’ But the wind did come, slowly and gently and variably, but enough to get 9 decent races with proper beats.

Racing was close, many position changes as skippers tried inshore/offshore/hope for the best to gain an advantage. Not sure how many tactical ploys worked, but you never know until you try – or whether it was the right thing executed badly or the wrong thing but executed better than the other boat!. Tony and David most consistently best, but Richard and Oliver kept them on their toes. The course was always 6/7 (not R1), 3,2, then variously 6 or 7 or A (or 4 once by mistake), 1 or 2 laps.

Setting out the observer schedule gets harder with more skippers so back to a first round of 5 races, then opportunity to vary the second half: in this case 4 races with 3’s and 4’s off. We must get into the habit of making doubly sure the right observers are observing in the right races – it makes it easier for the deputy chief assistant race officer (me!) to keep the score sheets in order.