The 2020 racing season started cold and muddy but with a little sunshine. And wind. Not the best – sort of on-shore-ish but very swirly. 12 skippers (and 2 non-sailing) squelched to the lake for a challenging session of racing – mentally (remembering the course) and physically (mud!).

That course: first version – 7/8, 5(p), inner B (s), 3 (s), 8 (p), 5 (p), blues. Second version – wait for it:- B/8, 5 (p), inner B (s), 4 (p), 2 (s), 3(s), B (p), 5 (p), inner B (s), 4 (p), 2 (s), 3(s), B (p), 5 (p), blues. At least that’s what we think we were doing.

5 different race winners and close final score at the top (9.10,12). Lots of mistakes (sometime silly!) cost places, luckily similar mistakes by others evened it out a bit.