To B or not to B (rexit/rig), that is the question . Or rather ‘was’ the question. Both the types and alternatives had their own pros and cons, and opinions were pretty evening divided.

In the end of course the Brexits won out but B rigs were just thwarted by a lessening wind at the end of the day.

10 (but quickly 9 as 42 had a winch failure), skippers started out mostly with A, but borderline, and the wind was such that inshore was slightly quieter. B rigs started appearing with only 3 diehards (foolhards) keeping the A rig throughout. We started with a reasonable 6/7, 3,2,6,3,2,6,blues, but this became 6/7,2,3,6,2,3,6,blues later on as the wind moved a bit more southerly.

David (1) and Oliver (2) survived on A rigs, as did, I think, John R, but the B’s were always pushing hard (and 2 wins for 79), and were much more stable on the runs. Many a place was lost by an out of control A rig trying hard not to dive to the depths.

Sunday looks borderline A/B again and Tuesday looks like a good blow.