Friday Sailing Results 28th Dec 2018
Photo by Trevor

Friday Sailing Results 28th Dec 2018

The last Friday racing in 2018- was it to be a ‘blaster’ or a ‘drifter’? The latter looked likeliest by briefing time. One cycle of 6 races was created just in case: it got dark before we could two lots of 5; we had all gone home; or the first race never got completed! So a short course then for the 14 skippers.

Well, with each race the wind increased a little so by the time we had done the 6, we fell motivated to do another 4, with a reasonably long course. There was a ‘but’.. though: weed! I think most skippers caught weed at some time (or several times) which spoilt the day somewhat. Ah well. In the end top four places only 5 points apart with 5 skippers getting at least one first.

I won’t be at the lake on Sunday, so: have a wonderful New Years Eve (remembering of course that its J Class at 10am the following morning!) and let’s hope that 2019 brings 104 race days of fun, excitement, wind, and sun !