Well that’s it for the 2018 – 19 Friday Evergreens Series. We start all over again Next Friday!

This last session had it all (well sort of). A good wind at times (even enough for John M’s B rig choice to do well) – varying from some exciting downwind gusts to some flopping about lulls. Some light rain, unlike the downpour just as skippers were driving away. Sunshine and cloud. Cool(th) and warmth. And some close racing. Good stuff.

The wind was good enough to have a 7/8 start, 3,2,gate,3,2,gate blues finish, with skippers choosing the offshore or inshore course with differing results.

I’ll leave it to the Race Officer to publish the Series winners after the final J class day on Sunday.

Thanks to Richard for scrabbling around in the water to remove the cladding and inspect the jetty. And thanks to the original skippers who must have sweated away all those years ago to build such a robust structure.

We think that we will just need to replace the marine ply sheets and some new posts and maybe reuse much of the plastic cladding. Hopefully we can give them a good clean-up scrub.