At last, a chance to write something different, although at 10.30 it didn’t appear so! But by about 10.50 there was still no wind and only about 4 skippers lakeside.

But there was a large area of ice across about the far half of lake. We had swelled to 6 (with JC and JS a little later – but who then had gear failure before he started) by a late briefing at 10.16, when there was sufficient downish-the- lake wind to start a shortened course. Next race or two a bit more wind making decent racing. But then he ice floes started being blown towards us and with them getting close to the windward mark 3 we had to change this to 4. For a couple of races we really had to stay close inshore to keep clear of the ice pack.
However, it was melting quite quickly and we had open water and a long course for the final races. The weather had become quite pleasant, even the muddy bank was less so.

John R was sailing and racing his new lime green V10 for the first time with the usual set up / stretching etc problems – but it had a good workout.About the only thing the same was the race officers task – two sets of countbacks needing ‘last race positions together ’ to be resolved.

Runs of :
2 x 3 x 1
3 x 4 4 4
3 x 7 7 7
3 x 4
3 x 7
2 x 123
2 x 3 x 12
And a 99 9 9 9 9