Just enough wind to keep the fleet happy, but borderline at times. Again a mixture of short and long triangles, 1 or 2 laps, with generally a good variation in points of sailing. We started with a cycle of 5 races / 2 observers in case the wind died, but eventually ran 4 more races all-on (well Brian found his electrics was still unreliable and kindly stayed to be the observer). A good range of race winners with John R very much getting to grips with his new boat.

John Male kindly relinquished his boat to an interested bystander – who promptly came 2nd in his first race (!)– but the difficult wind for the last two races proved too problematic.

Marblehead competition on Sunday. Not sure how many skippers will be there, but I thinks we have enough helpers on hand. Tom – hope you will be able to be there, complete with the outboard!