A robust session of sailing today. A good ‘B’ suit wind, more consistent than usual, except from the occasional vortices or holes which left boats flapping uselessly.

While it was good to see our old friend buoy #1 back again (thanks Tom) we did not use it as it was just in the wind shadow. Instead we had a starboard rounding course of 6/7,2,3,6,2,3,6,blues, which later became 6/7,2,3,7p,6s,2,3,7p,6s,blues to stop such a tangle at buoy 6. We started with 15 skippers, although John C was only going to stay a short while (so not included in results), but we had a couple more skippers with boat problems, and several race DNF’s. Nevertheless, it was close racing with several different race winners. David was most consistent with 3 other skippers in close contention.

Sunday looks like a blustery start (v strong gusts) but settling down to another B suiter.