A good downish-the-lake wind varied between gentle and B rig. It did look as though it was becoming consistent B rig and John H changed down after lunch, only for the wind to die away. Fortunately it picked for race 9 giving a B rig win!

Richard had problems from the start and abandoned the day. It did mean he could engage with a potential new member which would be good. A few skippers picked up weed, which was a nuisance, but at least the lake is filling up now.

Several winners again today, but David A top overall.

We sped through the races, even with a long course of 6/7 ,2,3,gate, 2,3,gate, blues (starboard rounding) and I think everyone was glad to pack up and get home to dry out.

The eagle eyed will note that as RL did not compete there were only 13 skippers so dnf’s etc should have been scored 14, not 15. Most of these dnf’s were the discards, but a couple of skippers aught to have a one less for their total: it doesn’t affect the overall finishing position.

IOM’s Sunday