We do love our racing……. but not today! A rather uncertain wind was just about enough to have a series of ‘races’ for the 13 skippers, 6 of whom were John(and nearly 2 Tom’s, but TR abandoned before he started).

A series of 6 races was planned, with a course of A/5, outer blue, inner blue (later becoming 3,2), A, finish blues, with just about all legs being one or more points of sailing for some or all of the time. Nevertheless, by race 6 there was more wind, but no enthusiasm to remain lakeside. David a clear winner with 4 points and 3 skippers on 12 points, so countback required. Also countback for 7th/8th places.

Rumour has it that Sunday, Tuesday and next Friday will have better winds, even if they are onshore. I’m not holding my breath.

Ps just to add to the number games – 7 J’s, 6 Johns, 2 Toms, 2 “O”’s, 2 “D”’s and a lonely H!