Well, what a session. I’m not sure why we were all so optimistic and started with A rig – except sensible JM who looked at the forecast – or maybe just didn’t re-rig from last Sunday. Anyway – those that could had to change to B rig after the first race.

You may have guessed that it turned out to be a windy, if not very windy day. C rigs would have been sensible at times!

Odd had to give up after the first race with problems; Jim and Trevor could not change, Tom thought he had his B rig in the car, but hadn’t, Graham went off home to get his. Hugh gave up after a few races. You can see that the bottom of the score sheet was somewhat messy with all the DNS,DNF ‘s.

Nevertheless, we managed 8 races (a cycle of 5, then 3 more with more observers) to give us 1 discard. John Howell sailed serenely into the sunset – well into the murky lake anyway, with a string of firsts, the rest of us way behind on points.

I think everyone was glad to get back to carpark – which of course was nice and sheltered from the wind and warm from sun! What WAS all the fuss about?