It might have been a frosty start to the day, but it wasn’t long before the sun started heating things up – especially all the skippers who had come to lake well wrapped up.

The bank soon became littered with discarded layers.

The wind was OK’ish – enough to set some longer triangles, but with shorter ones too. It wasn’t very consistent: tacking far out across the lake seemed the right thing to do most of the times – but there were some good puffs inshore as well.

Brian, with is now rescued boat fully dried out, was all set to race but the electrics proved too unrealisable so he had to abandon the day. On the RO sheet, Brian became John S! By the way, we had another interested-in-joining skipper down today – which is good. He is another John! John (this time, C) was sailing #53 today to get it set up for our other new member Phil. It was going well.

IOM’s Sunday ( I may not be there, so an assistant deputy RO needed, please) and J’s Tuesday.