Not much wind, but a lot of cold! Skippers well wrapped up so hard to move arms or bend down.

We managed 5 races in a faint whisper of a wind – blues, A, outer blue, inner blue , C, finish blues – but boy, were they slow and were about to call it a day.

However, the wind picked up quite nicely and we decided on 3 more , ‘all-on’ races with two laps. Race 6 and 7 – good wind, but then dying again. Much confusion as to whether it was 1 or 2 laps in Race 8 in very little wind. The front of the fleet chose 1 lap and crossed the blues finish line. Several boats had been setting a course for outer blue before having to veer to the finish line, but a few skippers went round outer blue for a second lap.

Should we include last race – or not? If we had noted ‘second lappers’ position as they went round outer blue instead of inside, then perhaps we could have included it, but even then some other skippers would have been disadvantaged. However 2-lappers were allowed to finish the second lap and then recorded finished. The safest is to discard race 8, but Dick can have a ‘moral victory’ by winning it. There would have been some small variations in scores/final positions mid fleet if we included race 8.

Marbleheads on Sunday – light southerly forecast.

J class Tuesday – strong southerly due. But forecasts haven’t been that good so far!”