Not as warm or sunny as promised by the BBC weather forecast but a good top suit breeze straight down the lake. With buoy 3 set well out from the bank it was decided to avoid the usual mayhem when rounding this mark by setting a more accessible inshore course – start 7,8 then 2,1,8,2,1,8 and finish between the blues.

Racing was competitive and fair with few incidents and we managed to complete the first five races by 12.15 pm leaving plenty of time to enjoy lunch. The wind had veered more to the North by the start of the afternoon session so we were forced to use the notorious buoy 3 but it didn’t prove too much of a problem. Congratulations to John Howell with another outstanding performance (I love John winning it’s so easy to add up six “ones” to make a total score of 6). 1 Metre racing on Sunday.

John M