Another north-easterly – low to mid strength meant another longish course  was possible: 1 / 2 , 6 (sometimes 5) 3,2, sometimes round again, finish A/ 5. Some close racing and, I think, some close sailing (that is tangles!) as well, especially when rounding a buoy. We tried a little training on this: we set put a marker down on the bank and laid a boat at 4 boat lengths – I.e bow just entering the 4 boat length zone. We put another boat to ‘leeward’ with its bow just overlapping the lead boats stern. Standing some distance away (probably only half the distance to buoy 3) we could get a good idea of how far away a boat will be when the ‘room at the mark’ (water! Is quicker to say) rule comes into play. It is a big gap. And if boats are approaching at say 1 metre/sec, calling at 5 lengths means that by the time the two skippers have responded the lead boat is ‘entering the zone’. Of course it’s difficult. But if a boat has correctly claimed water as its enters the zone, other boats should keep clear. Its tough if you get an extra puff and end up overlapping close to the buoy, but you don’t have right of way. We also had a discussion about tacking within the zone, but we can have a look at that another day.

Marbleheads Sunday 14th;

29 April is M & S Championship 3rd round and 5 May is RM Vets nationals.