It was good to have Tom Aldridge back on the water again today. Welcome back.

Mind you, the conditions weren’t the best to come back to. A shifty sort of on-shore-ish wind started light and just got up to a decent speed by race 8.

We had to make up challenging courses – hence the scribbles on the sheets so at least there would be a good chance that the right buoys were rounded in the right order and right direction. All supposing the weed hadn’t stopped you from getting to the buoy at all.

We started with a 5 race sequence, decided that we could manage 3 more with lots of observers. Then as the wind had finally settled down, we had an all on – 14 skippers – quite a fleet.

Tom (R) and John (also R) did well today – both on 21 but with JR ahead on count back. (How often do the sail numbers and points match? Go on, have a search through the records on these long and cold evenings.)

Wind looks better for Marbleheads on Sunday.