Some exotic course setting before briefing was nearly discarded as the wind shifted, but a close variant proved the most appropriate after a slightly delayed start.

7/8 start, 4p, Ds, 3p, 8s, 4p, Ds, 3s, 8s, D/A finish. Well most of us sailed that course…. most of the time! In reality it was a slightly tricky wind with the usual ‘bend’ around the trees beyond buoy 3.

Anyway, 14 skippers started the day, but 97 develop a servo problem in the first race and had to give up.

Quite a lot ‘pinching-to-get-round’ the buoys meant several pileups: its much better to stay clear of each other and keep your sailing speed up. After lunch, a simple course of 7/8. 3. 2. 8. 3. 2, 8, blues provided a welcome relief. 36 found his form again whilst 181 lost his! A lot of close racing. 79 had a couple of bumper races -and several much-bumped ones too.

IOM’s Sunday