8 boats went a-racing…… 7  boats……6 boats….. 5 boats  4 boats  went a-racing…..

Well that was an unusual day!  Most skippers started with B rigs (shuddering at the lulls and quiet areas)  some with A (shuddering at the howling blasts). Tom was late because of road flooding., Then the decline started – Tom with transmitter problems, Olivers winch motor no longer wanted to be attached to the gear train.  David changed down to B rig, but Brains couldn’t – so went of early. Richard also had to leave early. Finally – we combined race 9 with 8 to give 2 observers and 4 boats on the water. Alan (who has joined us with 180 ) had a challenging introduction to Bury Lake, but it was good to welcome a new skipper.

The course was quite difficult to set with a sort of north easterly – it went something like  8/B (later 7/8), 5p, Ds, 4p,IBs, 3s,8p,5p, blues – but certainly challenged the fleet. Congratulations to Graham  ( really  93, but today blankety blank with B suit)  for sailing extremely well to come 1st overall.

Sunday looks a little more restrained – but a certain event at 1pm GMT might encourage a prompt finish and fast get way.