The benefits of waterproof (and mud proof) scoring sheeting on show today – great to be able to wipe away all the muck!

Some skippers believed the forecast and came ready ‘B’ suited; some came down full of optimistic ‘A’ suites and a couple hedged their bets and brought sail boxes down to the lake. In the end all options were partially satisfied. The first races were definitely A rig, and couple became borderline, and the last two proper B rig. This was reflected in the results.

For the first time for a long time we had no course changes: 7/8,3,2,white gate, round again, blues finish. We had rain, at times making it quite hard to see the fleet, but ending with the forecast blue skies. A great session of sailing. ‘A’ suitors came off overall best – it would only have take another strong-wind race to have changed the balance.

My friend Charles (who introduced me to the J class, and is now permanently afloat swilling around the Caribbean) is wanting to sell his own J Class. He never got around to completing it, but it comes with the full official J class rig, and has the potential for a genoa (second winch, just as I started out with mine). Anybody interested? I can put you in touch with Charles.