Friday Sailing 6th October 2017

A challenging start to the 2017/18 racing season was experienced by the fleet his morning (note, hereafter to be called the 2018 season – the year the seasons AGM is held). Even without some regulars, we had 16 skippers, and it was good to have Tony G back with us on the water.

The weather was bright and autumnal…….it’s a shame a wildly veering onshore ish wind made course setting, starting and racing quite difficult. Nevertheless, race we did, starting with a simple course. However, this proved unsatisfactory and after the break we had a zig-zag special – see the scribbled course on the score sheet. This was further modified (3 instead of 4) and gave us a reasonable course. However, quite a few boats suffered from weed, and and some had technical problems as well.

Well done to David for doing consistently well to come first.


Sailing Results Fri 6 Oct 2017